Furnishings and More

Terre Morrison’s high quality furnishings demonstrate her respect for the wood’s grain. Using only responsibly forested materials, Terre brings out the natural beauty from the finest in cherry, maple, oak, and mahogany in her work. Grain patterns such as curly, tiger, bird’s eye lend to her designs.

“When I make a piece, I want it to be useful—
Something that can be in your family for generations.”

Using such joinery techniques as dovetail and mortise and tenon, Terre achieves quality and beauty in a finished product. But functionality is first and foremost to Terre’s philosophy.

Furniture, gifts and accessories are Terre’s specialty, although she is always exploring the innovative and traditional in her woodworking.

To make an appointment or consultation, please email terre@morrisonwoodworkingvt.com or call 802.598.0810



Morrison Woodworking Vermont
P.O.Box 174
Fairfax, VT 05454


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